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YouTube Automation

This is the Lucrative part of the fund with an incredible upside that in 2-3 years will cast a unimaginable shadow over the returns from the trucking.

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YouTube Automation 

Over the last 3-4 years I have been doing trial and errors in an online asset. I have made multiple video games, news apps for androids and iPhones, Online Shopify Stores, a custom T-shirts business, amazon Stores. I have hired and fired multiple Virtual assistants from all over the world. I have looked into purchasing already created and profiting online businesses and started many from scratch. All of that has lead me to Youtube being the Real Estate of the Online world, Once you upload a video on there your views can only go up from there as long as you follow all guidelines set by YouTube.

over the last ten years all businesses have created a presence online, from a flower shop receiving orders from online to Car dealerships listing their entire inventory online. Now the location of a car dealership no longer matters, before we go to purchase a car we have viewed many online and compared to find the best fit for us. We can all agree the importance of an online presence.

Many of our kids watch "Cocomelon" and "Baby Shark" if you view the financials for those companies they would put majority of the companies in the Nasdaq to shame. Some of the other similar channels to ours are nature channels that tell a story of different wonders in the world, Interesting facts, worlds richest people and companies. and many other videos that we all watch from time to time.

We will be doing something similar with teams of virtual assistants, who create and upload a video on each of our channels every other day. Through trial and error they will produce videos similar to the ones that get a better response from the audience and create less of the ones that go un noticed.

Each YouTube Chanel has a team of at least three to four people working on it, which the automation company is managing. In my contract with them we receive 90% of the profits and they receive 10% on top of that they charge two thousand dollars a month starting from the thirteenth month, by then the channel should be producing income of at least three times that.

In the start it is a very slow rise, but offers great returns in years to come. A YouTube channel sells for 6-7 times its yearly income. By the end of year three, we can list the channel company for sale. We will continue to earn its income till the sale is completed.



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