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The Back bone of our fund is our trucking Partnership with the rivx company. 

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Rivx Trucking

A solid part of our fund is the recession proof trucking fleet. We purchase the trucks, lease them out to the Rivx trucking Group. They charge a 12% fee of the monthly gross profit in it they manage the routes, Driver hiring, training, and retention along with month to month management. This is a well earned benefit for us, being in different businesses over the last 10 years as an employee and as an owner I have come to the conclusion that managing the employees is one of the toughest parts of any business. Rivx making it 100 % their responsibility is a blessing I can not stress enough. They maintain the trucks with monthly inspections, giving them proper time needed to cool down for one week in every month, and fixing any little and major issues that show up. 


Another benefit we get by working with Rivx is their blanket insurance policy which cuts the cost into less than half of what it would be if we were to get it our self, we would be receiving it at about 1200-1500 on a weekly basis if we were to get it ourself.


I have attached below the average statements of some of the trucks already in their fleet. The two biggest expenses we have are the drivers pay and fuel, if a truck has a smaller route or ls earning less, there is less fuel spent, as well as the drivers get paid less because they have a set pay for sixty cents per mile.

Simply put, if we make less, our expenses are less.

We are purchasing 3-5 year old trucks, that have between 200,000-500,000 miles on them. For our purpose these trucks have a usable life of 6-7 more years before we have to replace them. In three years we will have made steady tax returns for them and we will list them for sale as an absentee run business for about 3-5 years with of income.


Video from our management company's trucking yard.

Trucks on the road

Current Returns on Trucking 



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